Monday, October 30, 2017

Brief blurts about tribes and tribalism — Charles Blow (twice)

“And, when I say army, I’m not speaking solely of armed militia, although there is a staggering number of guns continuously being put into circulation. As the N.R.A.’s Institute for Legislative Action wrote in June: “Each month of Trump’s presidency has seen over two million firearm-related background checks. Only in 2016, when Americans faced losing their Second Amendment rights forever, did the F.B.I. run more checks during a January to April period.” I’m also talking about the unarmed, but unwavering: the army of zombie zealots.

“How do you raise an army?

“You do that by dividing America into tribes and, as “president,” aligning yourself with the most extreme tribe, all the while promoting militarization among people who support you.”

- - - - - - -

“This is the man we have: one who doesn’t want to lead a country but wants to rule a tribe.”

[Brought over from my Facebook page post, September 4.]

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