Friday, February 3, 2023

Blog Update: Materials I Had Meant to Post in 2021 and 2022

I have been remiss in posting here for over two years, including the entirety of 2021 and 2022.  Rather negligent and unproductive of me.  At least I did not come down with Covid.  And I did get some writings done during those two years that were posted or published elsewhere.  Here, in roughly chronological order, are write-ups from 2021-2022 that I meant to post here, since they bear on the purposes of this blog:


• “Rethinking Strategy and Statecraft for the Information Age,” Redux


• Publication of The Origin and Evolution of the RAND Corporation's Terrorism Databases: Defining and Building a New Field of Knowledge


• Draft on “Terrorism Database Construction in Global Strategic Perspective” (July 2021)


• “Geopolitics, Noopolitics, and the Fight for Ukraine” (April 27, 2022)


• Paper on Has China "Hacked" The Foundational Framework For U.S.-China Policy Dialogue?


• Book Review of Chinese Strategist Wang Huning’s America Against America (1991)


New Substack Blog: Onward with TIMN … maybe STAC, NOO, and CYBOC too


• Invitation to Re-Post Old Paper on Two Faces of Fidel: Captain Ahab and Don Quixote (1990), Plus New Forward


• Article in The Atlantic Revisits Our Cyberwar and Netwar Writings


Russian Request to Translate “The Prospects for Cyberocracy (Revisited)”

• Re-Post of TIMN Draft Chapter 1. “Anticipating The Emergence Of Quadriform Societies”


• Re-Post of “Points To Ponder As We Move Ahead With TIMN—#1” 

I will post each one next, separately and in that order.  [Edited, February 6]


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